Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Pattern Emerges

I'm sitting here watching NFL pregame shows, and I see a pattern emerging. On Fox, about half of the commercials are about a disaster striking - hurricane, flood, etc. and how these insurance people will be there for you when disaster hits. (All together now - riiiight). The word fear was actually used.

My question about this is, can this be considered looting? I mean, they're trying to reach us when our defenses are down, the doors wide open to susceptability and they're taking advantage. Isn't that technically what looting is? So just because this is more subtle (and not so subtle in the case of gas companies), it's acceptable looting but one or two shots of someone taking a tv means all those people should grow gills or drown?

The other pattern emerging is this constant selling of the concept of one America.

You see what's happening here. The powers that be are afraid. They have to keep selling the concept of one America because it's becoming more and more apparent that there are two Americas. It's not black and white. It's not even poor and rich.

It's the indecent vs. the real Americans.

The indecent can dicker around for four days debating whether the local government needs to ask for help first before giving it.

The indecent can pull 100 firefighters who're prepared to save people, and instead use them for a photo shoot.

The indecent can use our fear of terrorists to justify a war to prove Daddy was wrong.

The indecent can take advantage of a bad situation and make it worse by jacking up gas prices when every one else is digging deep to help out.

The indecent can refuse help from other countries just they're afraid of looking weak.

The indecent can put a despised-by-all man into the U.N. under the metaphorical cover of darkness because he didn't like the rules anymore.

The indecent can go eat cake and strum a guitar while thousands stewed in putricity.

The indecent can sell a house for an outrageous price and buy a house for extremely cheap and therefore bypassing a bunch of campaign contributions reporting nonsense.

The indecent can try and sell out our children's futures by saying we should give them "intelligent design" thereby ensuring they won't be intelligent.

The indecent can smear an honored veteran who continues to give despite losing limbs.

The indecent can uphold someone who's a C student, who never finished his duty as a National Guard, who failed at every job he was handed INCLUDING the present one.

What we have here really transcends race, and class. Because unless you're the super-rich, which is about 1% of the population, you are only there for their exploitation.

What we have here, clear and simple, are sociopaths running the country.



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