Monday, September 05, 2005

Figure Drawing Practice

I was practicing my figure drawing. My little figures do not look much like people at all right now. Practice, practice, practice... Hey, but isn't my drafting table cool???

School started last week! I am a student of the artistic kind!

I couldn't believe it when I got the acceptance letter from the bank saying: "your loan application has been accepted." Nevermind the acceptance letters from the schools. This will probably be the only time I will be relieved and elated to hear from a bank.

Blinded by excitement and running full speed I hit a wall when I was told that I was suppose to have coin for supplies. The refund from the loan has not been disbursed to me, and my first class was 01-Sept-05 . I panicked to idealist, who suggested reallocating the funds we do have (I'm still wondering why I didn't think of that).

Off we went to the art supply store, to be declined by every form of payment offerred (we had just changed banks). The impact hit hard and was fatal to my tear ducts. Through the glaze of the onset of a mini-depression a knight arrived. Idealist rushed us over to a friend-of-a-friend's (who happened to have a house full of guests at the precise moment we arrived) and explained the dilemma (I certainly did not have a clear head that day, and am so greatful Idealist's keeps her shining armor on hand).

Everyone of our friend-of-a-freind's guest reached into their pockets, until we had enough coin to cover the costs of my supplies.

Oh! and since Idealist made a post about them, I will use this as another example of the integrity & compassion of hippies.

I am really excited about school and when my work actually begins to resemble my intentions, I will post it up here, so everyone can share in my progress. My Figure Modeling instructor advised us to take pictures of our clay models so that we can see our progression. I am looking forward to posting those pics as well.



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