Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another Press Release

Found yet another press release today about ABC Family filming a pilot based on Nobody by me, Writerboy and the most wonderful and talented Charlie Adlard.

This one gives out more details about the pilot, guaranteeing more WTF? from fans of the comic book. LOL!

You want to know the irony of all this? I had approached Writerboy about a story similar to the direction of the TV show but Writerboy nixed it, saying it was too girly/emotional something or another. So instead we settled on the dark dark story that is Nobody the comic book.

Anyway, if you hop over to or any local comic book store and get your copy of Nobody, contact me here and I'll sign it for you, for what it's worth lol.

And, if Writerboy, Charlie Adlard and I gather on the set of Nobody, I'll get them to sign your copy too, if you want. I'm sure Charlie's signature is worth 1,000 times mine. Hmm, make that a million times.



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