Monday, October 09, 2006

Losers yes, But We've Still Got Team Spirit

I wore a Raiders hat to work this morning. It was to show my co-workers that despite our dismal, bleak immediate future (0-4 season so far), we members of the Raider Nation aren't like our fair-weather counterparts across the Bay.

We do not need a winning team to wear team colors.

But as of yesterday, I hung up my hopes, despite not hanging up the hat.

Update: One person at work just walked in, mocking the Raiders but you know, it was precisely this type of attitude that made me a Raider fan to begin with. The disdain and the glee with which people Raider-bashed just made me a more fervent fan.

Yes, I see the same type of people who are Bush fans, but gimme a break. I can afford to be this fanatical over the Raiders because the Raiders DON'T MAKE DECISIONS THAT IMPACT THE EVERY DAY LIVES OF MILLIONS. GWB makes decisions every day that impact my life and therefore, to be a rabid unthinking loyal fan of him just defies reason. Therefore, GWB fans (unrepenting fans) are unreasonable.



1 Response to "Losers yes, But We've Still Got Team Spirit"
  1. A.E. said...
    5:05 PM

    Great attitude! I enjoy wearing my favorite team T-Shirt even if they are in the losing. I had some great Spiritwear made up for my daughter's baseball team. Bam-bams are a great idea! Take these to work! LOL! :)I believe in Team spirit! Go Team!!! Good for you!


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