Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dropping the Bomb

Lately, I've been hearing people around me say, "Why don't we just drop the bomb on them?" "We" being Americans and "them" being Koreans, Iraqis, Muslims, etc.

I was incredulous. The person who said it to me, prided herself as being a loving Christian.

To me, the most important reason for not bombing people is the Golden Rule. You don't want to do unto people that which you don't want done to you. Do you want to be bombed because your government is pissing off others? Do you want to be bombed because someone in your neighborhood went crazy and shot someone?

Bombing is indiscriminant. When it goes off, it doesn't check to see if civilians are around, nor little children. The only intent for a bomb is to cause massive destruction with a small device.

This person kept telling me that those people should be killed. I didn't have a chance to ask, but I wanted to know, how can we know who are the ones who want to harm others, and who are innocent bystanders?

I used to be a Christian and I remember that I was taught (not very well for this is the lesson every sunday school teacher glosses over) to judge not less ye be judged yourself. I hated being judged, so I would never judge anyone. Maybe that's why so many people told me about their affairs and such, cause I would never look at such actions with severe judgements.

Anyway, I just don't understand why Americans, supposedly a Christian country, wants blood so badly.



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