Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend Without Internet

A friend needed some company and help looking after the two above, so I took Friday off to be with them. Oh man, how can two kids, one that only sits there like a grinning statue and the other a 20 lb adorable munchkin, wear two adults out like that?

This was the PERFECT weekend to be accidentally without internet for we were both extremely busy on Friday, then had a "White" party to attend on Saturday. Of course, Sunday was taken up by watching both Bay Area football teams lose, but all in all, we had a great weekend.

The two kids are unbelievably wonderful. The younger one just catches your eye and grins. Occasionally, she'd break out in adorable giggles. The older one is also fantastic. She does, on occasion, get jealous and that's when you see her sidle up to the baby and she does just enough of a push to knock the other over (in slow motion). Aside from that, she's wonderfully articulate and well behaved. She does love pushing the limits but given her parents, that was a given. *smirk*

The following evening, we again joined the kids' parents for a night out with our other friend who turned 40 last week. That friend told his lover he wanted a "White" party and so of course, his lover threw him a GIGANTIC party. Bratworse and I had bought new outfits for the occasion; our friends, the parents of the two above, showed up in white painter overalls.

BTW, if you're ever throwing a party in Atherton, CA, be aware that on a Saturday Night, cops will be called at 10:30 pm. Can you believe that?!? 10:30!

Of course, this was also the weekend that another friend had a signing over at Comic Relief in Berkeley. Why oh why, do people plan outings all in the same weekend? We couldn't attend of course, but here's the Entertainment Weekly review for his book, Stagger Lee: Go buy it right now - There's already rumors of this being picked up to be a movie.



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