Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gay Does Not Equal Pedophile!

Being away from the internets, I had known about the Mark Foley emails before the weekend but had missed all the hoopla and developments.

As in, umm Mr. Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert? Please note that it is political suicide to lie about the knowledge of icky emails 5 weeks before an election. Feel all your colleagues and fellow Republicans throwing you under the bus? Welcome to the minority sir. We minority folk get this sort of behavior from you politicians all the time.

But there's a disturbing trend now happening among Republicans as they heap excuse upon excuse as to why no one did anything when the emails were first reported.

This trend? They're saying that they didn't want to report Mark Foley because they were respectful of gay rights.

Wait... stop laughing. Yes, you heard that right. Do I need to repeat it? Yes, it's the SAME DAMN EXCUSE they used for Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert.

Okay - for the record. Being gay doesn't mean you're attracted to CHILDREN/TEENS of the same sex; it means you're attracted to ADULTS of the same sex.

Also, - for the record. Being gay doesn't mean you take money for sex. That defines a PROSTITUTE, which Jeff Gannon was.

Sheesh folks. Next you'll think being gay means you're attracted to animals of the same sex. Get a grip will ya? And make sure it's not some teen's penis.

UPDATE: This is the mentality we're dealing with folks - courtesy of Paul Farhi of the Washington Post
Foley's creepy behavior might have done him in even if he'd been the most liberal of Democrats. But that's not assured.
WTF?!? Seriously, WTF?!?

AGAIN, I REITERATE: Being Gay or Liberal doesn't mean we are PEDOPHILES. We do not agree with going after children. Nor does it mean that we are open to NON-CONSENSUAL sex. If one person says no, THAT'S IT! We respect the No! Sheesh folks.

Just cause YOUR fantasy image of Gays/Liberals is that we allow ANYTHING, doesn't mean that's reality. I know some gays who are SOOOOO prudish, they need the lights out in their bathrooms to change into clothes!



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