Thursday, October 05, 2006

Authentic Shanghai Food

There's a little tiny hole in the wall here in Oakland, California that serves up authentic Shanghai food, otherwise known as comfort food for me.

It's called The Shanghai Restaurant located at 930 Webster Street in the Oakland Chinatown district. (510) 465-6878

Man, is the food good there. You won't find the standard fare that you get at other hole in the wall places, simply because Shanghai food was never really imported to the U.S. until fairly recently.

In L.A. my family frequented the Mandarin Shanghai restaurant now named the Mandarin something or another, since 1976 simply because it was one of the few successful Shanghai restaurants there. I've often run into distant relatives dining there.

If you go to The Shanghai Restaurant, try out their little dragon dumplings. It's an explosion of heaven in your mouth, when you bite into one. Also try out their braised pork leg. It's a huge hunk of meat that's falling off the bone and it's oh so wonderful. Only $8.95 for such a large hunk of meat that will last at least 3 meals (if there's two of you).

Also, if you want to discover one of the sources for Spaghetti, ask for their Tsah Tsiang noodles. We call it Chinese spaghetti in this household.

You will love their food.



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