Sunday, October 15, 2006


Sometimes, a story just fits together like a well made erector set. I am very happy with how the components of the story, with the characters are seemingly falling into place, without much nudging from me at all.

It is building into a neatly complex story, with two older people and now I think I might throw in a young'un, as the heroes and the others as people who are doing their jobs as they see it. It's paralleling today nicely as well.

This should be fun to write.

I've created the new sports which this story is centered on, created characters, and somewhat of a plot. The main premise of the story is, what will the new owner of the largest Zingball team do in retaliation for an attack on its property against the fanbase?

In answering this question, the story will focus on five characters: an ex-Zingball player, his son who works for the Raydars, the largest Zingball team; his daughter whose live is directly affected by the events of 2/28; a Zingball reporter; and the fan who has season tickets next to the ex-Zingball player.

Come share this ride with me.



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