Saturday, October 28, 2006


Digby, as usual, is as articulate and precise as ever.
If you have to personally experience something before you have compassion for it or understand it you are an immature, shallow person.
This is the disdainment I have for a lot of people, among whom some are neighbors of mine. Having compassion is a sign of maturity, and just plain decency.

This quote was in response to some pundits considering the Michael J. Fox ads about stem cell research as attack ads. Excuse me? How do those qualify as attack ads? The only way, is Digby's analysis that this is somehow unseemly, using a person with obvious disabilities as an advocate.

Bratworse has been bugging me to explain how someone watching those ads could think differently from how she and I think - I guess Digby nailed it. They have a different response because they are immature, shallow and might I add, indecent human beings.



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