Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Have to Remember...

that just cause I'm excited about something doesn't mean anyone else would be, nor should I expect them to be supportive. Sheesh! You'd think growing up in a family like mine, I'd have this lesson drilled into me, but no, ever the friggin idealist; I actually want someone to share my enthusiasm.

When oh when will I learn this lesson?

Update: The source of my disappointment just apologized for her lack of support. I'm glad she did; it showed me how much she DOES care about me - but apparently now this post has majorly pissed her off.

I'm sorry this post pissed her off but damnit, I got hurt at the moment.

This wasn't just about this incident. I get excited about promoting other people's ideas, artwork, etc. And I constantly put them here. Do my friends reciprocate? My best friend bought a copy of my story and has he told anyone about it or recommended that they go and get it? No.

I NEED to learn that others will not reciprocate my level of enthusiasm. That is why I was an agent and they weren't. It's not a slam on my friends; it's just what they're capable and incapable of.



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