Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Air Ports, Air Planes, and Air Delays…

You have to really enjoy all the wonderful journeys and adventures one plane ride can provide. My flight to Florida, as been lacking in the dream, but still an enjoyable adventure, if you are kin to the humor that allows it to be enjoyable.

First off, in San Francisco, I was late arriving, and the check-in clerk felt the inkling to tell me so. My response, a sleepy and tired me some how managed to pull, “Yes Sir, I’ll do my best to achieve promptness in the future,” out of my ass. Oh I’m sure he heard, I’m not sure if he saw my sarcasm, as I was trying to be sincere! Come to find, the plane needed a lesson in promptness as well. Ten minutes late. Late! People have other planes to catch at the destination, at least my tardiness really, only affected me.

Arrival in Florida on three or so hours of sleep, surprisingly left me in good mood and humor. After an hour of watching the luggage creep by, I spoke with the Delta baggage claim in regards to me late bag. After speaking with four different Delta representatives over the course of the day it was established that either my bag took a trip from Canada to Spain, or was in Atlanta with the 500 odd lost bags in the vacinity for the entire time.

Compensation: For every twenty-four hours that your bag is lost you will be entitled to a twenty-five dollar "out of pocket expense" reimbursement for up to five days for a total of $125. After the Five Days: You get to file a report for the items that were in your bag and be sure to submit receipts for those items (RECIEPTS! for items that I have had for years!).

Luckily it didn't come to that.

My return flight was full of delays. The departure from Tampa, FL was delayed by ten minutes. The departure flight from Atlanta, GA was delayed by forty minutes. The arrival into San Francisco, CA was delayed twenty minutes (yea sitting in a stationary plane waiting for it's turn to land).

And my luggage? Left in Atlanta, GA!



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