Monday, July 11, 2005


There is a big misunderstanding regarding dreadlocks. The first one is that many believe dreadlocks were originated by the Rastafarian religion, when in fact the Celts, Russians and Germans (to name a few) adopted the style well before the origination of the Rastafarian religion.

The other famous misconception about dreadlocks is that they are a dirty hairstyle, when in fact depending on how they are done dreadlocks are one of the most cleanest/healthiest hair styles. Just because someone has dreadlocks, it does not mean that they do not wash their hair! Let me tell you dreadlocks are a lot of maintenance and even though they're super clean, they still look all frizzy... ARGH!

I am very happy with my dreadlocks, and am looking forward to the journey they have been and are going to take me on.



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