Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Mathematics of It All

I'm sitting here thinking about the ludicrousness of it all because everything adds up to continual warfare as a distraction. Here's the maths of it all:

1) Bombings like today happen because there are people out there who believe that somehow, if you kill enough of the enemy, you will break their will. Their will to overpower and manipulate situations to their advantage, their will to subjugate your identities to theirs, etc.
2) Bombings like today happen in big cities, I mean major cities.
3) People who live in big cities are the ones most sympathetic to the downtrodden people, I mean, just look at the reaction of most Londoners - they're all, let's get the bombers, not let's get their associates and anyone who might look, think, breathe, dance similarly. Granted, being most sympathetic and $2.95 will get you a latte at Starbucks, but these people just might rally to the cause of an other skinned/religious/music loving person just a tad sooner.
4) By killing off sympathetic people, the ones left are the ones most wanting to nuke the bombers and whatever they think is the bombers' affiliation, whether it be religion, race, color, creed or tattoo.
5) Therefore, continuous warfare would be a constant.

However, the battle aren't countries with countries anymore, at least ones involving the U.S. Recently, they've been countries against ideas more or less.

Ideas, being amorphous, can be rather hard to confront violently, for unlike countries which has a finite resource, ideas tug on the imagination which is infinite. Ideas have to die a natural death and cannot be forced. In fact, when pressured to extringuish, ideas flourish.

This is the lesson of the big cities - to let ideas run their courses and if it's a stupid idea, the common sense of people and general fairness will eventually win out. Sometimes, ideas we think are stupid hang around and become common sense, and some of us are too stubborn to accept it. Me, I will never understand the general acceptance of baby doll lingerie.

Yes, I'm flip in some of my examples, but it's only to show that rigidity and anger towards those different in ANY way, just leads to more ... what's the word I want to use here, confrontations? Strife I think is the word I want. Maybe discord. And who benefits from all this strife and discord? Just ponder that and come up with an answer, any answer.

When that person appears in your mind's eye, ask yourself then, "Is he worth being afraid for the rest of your life?" Because look at the math above. Continuous warfare by a country against an idea means pitting finite resources against infinite resources. Is your mom/brother/lover/arm/eye/peace of mind worth it?



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