Thursday, July 28, 2005

Job Searching

I had two job interviews yesterday one with a couple in real estate, and one with a website. Twenty days after my, "thanks for all the fish" I am now employed once again.

Interviews are interesting now a days. In the past I've had everything said to me from "if you're expecting overtime pay leave now" to "Are you planning on getting pregnant?" which are of course not allowed to be asked in an interview.

It is times like this when I really sit back and think about all the people (Mary Harris "Mother" Jones", Lucy Parsons, Joe Hill) involved in the labor movement (war is probably the most apt description, cause really they were fighting a war). And I must give utmost thanks to Utah Phillips and Ani DiFranco for the awareness they are actively spreading.

The struggle that took place for us to have regulated hours, wages and conditions was a war. People were getting arrested for talking (street speaking/soap boxin') and labor unions were declared illegal. It's amazing people weren't arrested for striking (Bread and Roses Strike) and forced to work, the corporations went so far with other things (The Everett Massacre were the Sheriff deputized every drunken guy in town, when the wobblies returned to Seattle they were arrested and placed in a new jail in which together they created enough noise that they broke the jail).

Without the I.W.W., organizers, activist and agitators we'd still be slaves to the bosses. Don't just stand-by and let them violate the rights worker's have today, that people died us to claim our own.



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