Thursday, July 28, 2005

July 28, 2005 - Mnemosyne

Happy Birthday Mnemosyne (pronounced nemosign, I think)!

I think the best gift I ever gave you was the previous year's. One day I'll get better at this whole birthday gift thing. For now I'm resorting to just commenting and sharing my thoughts and ideas, almost like a eulogy, though on a birthday (I have to redo Guitarist's if this is to be the trend, though I really think it's just to remind me of everyone's birthday for the years to come... hehe... I'll never admit it).

There is so much I can think to say, but the beginnings of which has not shown its face.

I tremble and quake with the earth of your brain
Walking on eggshells when there is no rain
I am intrigued by your feats and adventures, if not just for your wisdom
But the memories that are filled to the brim
The irony of wanting to know, without ever really knowing at all
Leaves me staring at a list of memories written in brail on a wall
Before it gets so cold, that that the rain turns to snow
There's just a couple things, that I'd like to know

It just all slips away so slowly, you never really know when you lost a lot
Just like one of the zombies in Vegas pouring quarters into a slot
I am amazed and crazed by your history
Like a fortune cookie's mystery

And I know that I was warned
Still it was not what I hoped
I think I'm done gunnin' to get closer
to some imagined bliss

I swear some stuff you just see better from further away
And I think I communicate best now, the less I say
There's so much you gave me without ever knowing you gave it up
Measured out so carefully and filtered through the measuring cup

Left to our own defenses parading about the city of our brain
We found comfort in the same
And embraced it, despite the shame
Abandoned we stuck to our decisions through a piece of time
And are left happy, alone in our own little world with our own little rhyme.



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