Monday, July 04, 2005

I Want SkyScrapers, Damnit!

My best friend and his lover just left. As unsociable as I get, I think I did pretty good this weekend. I went out to breakfast with them twice, and watched a god-awful movie on DVD with them. After all, they did come up here with the caveat that they were here to see babies and not me and just needed my place to stay.

Whilst they were out getting baby throw up on them, (btw, they visited 3 babies, 2 newborn and a one year old), I sat at home obsessing over my latest game, Sim City 4.

Okay okay! For those of you saying that that's not a new game, I didn't say NEW! I just said latest! Look, I hadn't gotten a new computer since 1996. (God, that seems so long ago). For me, that's a REALLY long ass time. I'm used to updating my computer every 3 years or so. AND right around 1996, OS 10 came out or rather, OS X.

In terms of computer timing, my timing sucked big time. Since I bought a low end machine, it *could* upgrade to OS X except I had to expect my computer to experience problems. So I upgraded to OS 9.1 and stayed there. Which meant no new games for the mac for a very long time since all new games being developed in 1996 were OS X native.

Thus this year has been one spending spree after another. I'm catching up big time on technology.

And thus, Sim City 4 is a LATEST acquisition. It's a 2 year old game.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I am trying to make skyscrapers. So far, the buildings have gotten to be around 10 to 12 stories high at the most. Unless you're a pygmy, skyscrapers these buildings do not make. UGH. It's stuck around 45,000 and now I'm reading I may have to build surrounding cities in order to generate skyscrapers. M&M, my two guests have been snickering at me despite their best attempts to ignore my obsession. My best friend figured out I had printed out an entire strategy guide and yet, cannot achieve my goal.

BTW, the name of my city? Lesbos.

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