Monday, July 11, 2005

Gaming in RL

I found this bug while on vacation in Florida. It reminded me of those little scarabs that you had to collect in some video game. I just had to capture it. I'm not a big bug enthusiest, so the capturing was a bit of an experience. Especially after Swing or Gotti said, "I think they fly."

To give you the accurate picture of how the capturing went down you have to picture me holding the camera at arms length away over the beetle, of course with my back to it and even dare I say leaning away snapping the picture then fleeing as quickly as I can in fear of promoting an attack with my flash (it was dark outside), returning amazed that the beetle hadn't even budged. Gotti offered to aid me in my persuit of capturing the beetle, I felt like Monk watching her lay on the ground near the beetle to get a face to face view.

Now that I've captured the beetle, may I move on to the next stage with an extra bonus?



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