Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Left Behind

One of the suspected bombers in the London bombings, is a 30 year old man with a wife and a baby. Another is a 19 year old whose uncle collapsed upon hearing that his nephew may not have been one of the victims but rather the bomber. This uncle screamed out "We have lost everything we have."

My blood curdled when I read that the bombers are suspected to be LONDON-BORN. And then when I snapped back to reality and remembered those people had family, family who called up the police to report them missing... family who are so scared out of their minds right now, because they are entering such unfamiliar territory.. all I could do was become FURIOUS at these suicide bombers.

Not only did you kill anonymous (to you) people, not only did you maim them, you are hurting and condemning the people who cared for and loved you.

So I am addressing this to all potential suicide bombers in cities worldwide.

1) If the government the bomb goes off in is as bad as you say they are, then how can you leave your family in their hands? You are selfish AND cowardly.

2) If the government the bomb goes off in is NOT as bad as you say they are, and your family somehow manages to survive the stigma of being families to suicide bombers, then you are a FOOL! For you DIED to protest something that protects the families of suicide bombers. See if your leaders would do the same.

As for the guilt of the family members, I have little doubt that they are NOT involved. I mean, how stupid can they be to stay in the bombed country if they've anything to do with it. I mean that's like saying someone chose to be gay!

Oh yeah, I forgot, there are some of you who hate your own lives so much that you can believe others chose a life of being in the minority cause life as a minority is just oh so wonderful.



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