Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lesson to Andy Card

Just pretend for a sec that the WH is a mafia type organization. I think today's little revelation about who received the call, as well as last week's Novak little tidbit about how Andy Card may be replaced soon are just little shows of power to anyone thinking about ousting Rove.

Andy Card is supposed to be Karl Rove's boss. It's possible and probable that Card has suggested recently that perhaps Mr. Rove shouldn't be in the WH.

What would Sonny do if someone had suggested to him that he needed to leave the Family?

Gonzales could've said anyone. Right now, anytime anyone of these yahoos say anything, my litmus test is asking who benefits from this chess move, keeping in mind that Bush is a short-timer, but the others still can have long careers in politics.



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