Friday, July 08, 2005

Powell and Rove

After I wrote the last post, I start going around the blogs re-reading about the Plame/Miller/Cooper/Novak stuff going on. And some stuff started forming in my head.

I'm most likely wrong, but I kind of just want to throw this out there.

What if, it wasn't Rove that told Novak, but Powell? And what if it was Rove going around to Miller & Cooper saying that it was Powell that leaked Joseph Wilson's wife was CIA?

In 2003, Colin Powell receives a report that tells him Iraq never sought yellowcake from Niger. In that report, Joseph Wilson's wife was mentioned attending the CIA meeting that sent Wilson to Niger. Hmm, now why would his wife be at that meeting unless she's CIA?

A few days later, Joseph Wilson writes the editorial stating the lack of evidence regarding this claim that Iraq sought yellowcake uranium from Niger. Colin Powell is made out to be a liar for he spoke out on the connection before.

Furious, he leaks to Robert Novak about Ambassador Wilson's wife attending the very same meeting that sent him to Niger in the first place. This is how Robert Novak can claim that he "believed the CIA officer he outed, Valerie Plame, was a FORMER covert operative and CURRENT analyst, unlikely to return to covert work whether Novak revealed her name or not."

Next thing to happen then is the reverse-leak; Novak tells Karl Rove that Powell leaked. Karl Rove can then tell others about the leak, technically not being the one TO leak in the first place. And he's careful to leak just what Powell leaked, thereby hiding the fact that Novak told him and not the other way around. That way, Rove can say that he's never leaked Plame's name.

This would also explain how Novak could've avoided trouble. He'd be giving up a toothless tiger, not a bald eagle (okay! Rove is more like a vulture but I was trying to tie in Rove with America, get it? *sigh*)

That surprise visit Bush paid to the Powells? Well, surprise to the media and maybe, a slight surprise for the Powells. Maybe Rove was getting ready to spring the trap and Bush was his messenger boy as usual, giving Powell time to get stuff in order before facing that he committed treason.

All the above is pure speculation. But I am not getting a panicked feeling out of the WH and I'm thinking that it's cause they're getting to toss one to the wolves, and the sacrificial lamb had always been slated to be an outsider, not an insider.

I'm hoping that this isn't true, mostly cause I hate to see the bad guys not only win, but get a threefer.

BTW, I'm wondering when they'll toss Condi to the wolves, especially if the above scenario does pan out. But one thing for my predictions? They rarely come true.



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