Friday, July 08, 2005

The Lieing Cycle

I quit my job yesturday (Thursday, 07-June-05). I had gone to visit my family for the fourth of July in Florida. Upon my return, my boss invited me into his office to discuss what had developed during my vacation.

After giving me a list of things that he prefferred I take care of, he went on to explain that I had been reporting my hours wrong, so the payroll was off. Confused I asked what he meant by that. He explained that on some days I had reported that I had worked from 8:45am to 4:30pm. Confused, I said those where the hours I did work. He explained, but "I agreed to pay you for a six and a half hour day from 9:00am to 4:00pm. But that doesn't mean that we're not flexible, You could come in at 7:00am for all I care, you're only getting paid from 9:00am to 4:00pm and that's what you need to report." He went on to say I thought that was understood when we were discussing changing you from a non-exempt employee to an exempt. I don't recall what took place after that, but my mind was made up.

It's amazing that this guy has been in business for five years. He can't make a single sentence and stay in the same tense. He called pens, pencils (among misnaming other items, that led to MANY a confusions). He reminded me of that person who purposely doesn't say everything, just so they could say later, "Oh, you misunderstood."

I was fed up after our talk. I had enough of feeling like I was lieing to everyone, the tax board, the A.R.C., A.S.H.I., the clients, and other employees.

I was done worrying about whether or not I was going to get paid. In May he informed me of a raise I was to get begining June 1, 2005. When I preformed the payroll reflecting the raise, he informed me that I had done it wrong, and the raise was going to be retroactive to June 1, 2005, but who knows from when.

After completing the list that he had given me of what needed to be done, I returned to his office and explained what I had completed and where I left other things, then calmly said, "I have some bad news. I'm quitting." He said, "Really?" perhaps ten times, then sat back stunned. When he asked, "Why?" I pulled this story of moving on in the direction I wanted to go and receiving an offer I just couldn't refuse. He expressed his sorrow at the loss and went on to explain how much he enjoyed working with me, and what a great employee I was. He also asked that I make a call to two of his clients explaining my departure the same way I had explained it to him, so that he wouldn't look bad.

I took my cell phone downstairs, and obliged. Before calling the clients I called Gotti, and explained to her that I had quit. I had been text messaging her, saying I wanted to quit, but didn't know how. Asked if I should go out singing, "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish..." She advised me not to quit. She asked why I lied about my reasons for quitting, and I explained that I didn't trust his reaction, especially at how pissed off he'd get at my accusations. I was scared! Plus, as Idealist and I are both apt to avoid confrontation at all cost, it seemed to me the better choice to just pull something out of my ass.

See even in quitting I was lieing. I feel guilty about lieing to the clients about my reasons for quitting. Especially after both of them expressed how much they liked my work. I don't know how to express how I feel about lieing to them precise enough to capture it. I am glad to have ended my participation in the cycle, but perhaps disappointed at myself for not putting an end to the cycle.



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