Friday, July 08, 2005

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

My vacation to Florida was great, aside from the missing luggage. It was nice to see everyone that I have missed. I certainly had a lot of firsts this trip. Had many experiences that I'm very glad I experienced. Learned a few things that perhaps would have been better left in ignorance. All in all it was a learning experience, not only of my family, but of the world (of sorts).

When I resided in Florida almost every Sunday I would stop at the grocery store, buy a london broil, salad makings, and other side dishes, then stop off at Card Sharks' and collect Guitarist to go pick out the next horrible horror movie to be critiqued. We'd play cards (the games of choice: Spades, Hearts, and occasionaly Euchre or May I, if Party Girl decided to partake), eat good food and resign laughing at the predictable villan in whatever movie Guitarist and I choose to torture us with that day. Most Sundays I get the urge to pick up some good food, movies and drive on over to Card Sharks'. It's something I really miss doing. Even after school somedays, when I had enough time between the last class and work, I'd drive on over there just to hang out.

I was able to enjoy the company of the Card Sharks, Guitarist and Party Girl this trip and am thankful for the time I was able to share with them. I am disappointed that I missed Ex-Dancer, Ms. Funny, and Come Over and their children. Perhaps one day it'll work out and I'll get to see them all again.

I also was able to spend a lot of time with my Dad, The Whee One, Gotti, Swing, Chef, Shh... and G'ma/G'pa. The Whee One and I were able to experience what life is like for Gotti, and I learned quite a bit about Swing, Chef and Shh...

I am so proud and scared for Gotti, she has been through so much and I'm not sure the environment she is currently in is what it seemed for her. I worry what will become of her, but I know how strong she is, and true to her convictions and beliefs that she is willing to stand for. I am assured that the life she once led will not be carried out again, but I worry about the control of others that are currently in her life.

Gotti, Shh... and I went out to the casino where my dad is a dealer and had a great time. I having never gambled before, never drank so much liquor before(started out the night with a Tequila Sunrise, moved on to Whiskey/Soda Mix, at the casino had three 7 of 7's and a shot of something that tasted like pineapples), never visited a strip club or received a lap dance before was bedazzled by the end of the night, and quite short on cash. To my surprise after approximately an hour and a half of sleep was not drunk or hung over. The night didn't end until 5:30am and the next day began at 7:00am with G'ma & G'pa taking the group of us out to breakfast.



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