Monday, July 04, 2005

Distorted Dreams

Some of you may be checking out some of the old posts listed under the categories. If you are, let me 'splain. Distorted Dreams was where I blogged. Then Bratworse and I decided to get our own website. So trying to find enough to write about a few times a week was already hard. So I'm blogging here now, but I'm linking up to the old site through the categories here since that was one of my objectives with Distorted Dreams anyway.

What I'm noticing about my posts are, the political ones are pretty timely... meaning they're usually about time-specific events (like the election, or the Downing Street Memo though I don't think I blogged about that per se). The others aren't; they've got more universal appeal.

Anyway, don't be confused by the cross-blogging.



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