Monday, September 18, 2006

Desperately Seeking O-Line

Second week of NFL football, and already I'm disheartened. As evidenced by craigslist this morning and the number of tickets available for a decent price for the Browns game, I don't think I'm the only Raider fan wallowing in self-pity right now.

We are one of two teams so far that haven't scored a touchdown. The other being Tampa Bay, doesn't sooth the sting.

In order to give Andrew Walther the confidence he needs to lead, in order to give him time to develop, we need an offensive line that will hold up.

We have a decent defense. We have a great special teams. We have potential in the Walthers/Moss combination, with a little Jordan/Fargas combo running.

We don't have an O-Line.

Maybe the best will be made of this upcoming bye week. But I'm shelving my hopes for now.



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