Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Late to Work Cause of Neighbor

So this morning, I walk down to the garage to find one of my neighbors washing her car. "Hey Lady," I yelled out, "Wanna wash my in-law's car for me?"

Laughing she turned to me and said "Oooooh, in-laws..." and that led to a half hour discussion about life, loves, and whatnot in the garage.

I've known this neighbor since my first years in this building. There really seems to be a gap between old neighbors and new neighbors. With my neighbors that I've lived in the same complex for 10 years, there's an old familiarity that just comes with greeting people day in and day out.

We've lived through Jim's death, Perry's death, and countless tenants. We've seen speculators come and go, and we mutter under our breath, see ya, don't let the door hit you on the way out. We hear about the going-ons of the "trouble unit" and we tsk tsk.

Most of us recognize kindred souls in each other - we bought into this complex when the housing market was a bust, not because we thought these condos would bring us money, but because we fell in love with the layout, or the people inside the building.

Believe it or not, there is something magical about living in the complex I live in. It's really too bad that there are some in the building, who don't appreciate the magic. I just hope that the ones who love the building stay and remain my neighbors. I really like them. We're the ones laughing when we see each other, and we make sure to make our neighbors laugh and smile.



2 Responses to "Late to Work Cause of Neighbor"
  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    8:11 AM

    Okay, I waited a couple days and read your posts. In defense of inlaws .. lets see I feel I only screwed up once .. last nite when me not a gamer .. I avoid addictive behaviour .. yet for some unknown reason. I had the inclination to play age of mythology.. oh man .. was that a fun 5 hours .. totally screwed up the internet access .. poor bratworse was on tech support for those five hours.. comeing from a family of internet addicted and yes I will say it where your work requires access to the internet .. was no fun at all. Was I confident that bratworse would fix and make things right .. yes cause she is bratworse..she may not realize it but she is a problem solver .. if you tell her NO or its not gonna work dang she proves you wrong everytime ..oh man she is product of her upbringing. I see so much of her decision makeing and actions as she grows and develops and it keeps coming back to these simple words "its your choice to be happy or not happy " NO one can make you happy. They can add to your happiness but when you come right down to it its your inner self that decides your mood or how you will handle things. I see the 2 of you and am so overly joyed that my bratworse (yes she will always be mine)has found some one that brings her pleasure and joy and supports her and is there for her when she is having a bad day. Acceptance of one another is the one thing that makes or breaks a relationship. Okay so maybe there were a couple of things I have done while here but keep in mind " i clean the kitty litter box " whooohoo and i am good at it. lmao

  2. resigned idealist said...
    12:47 PM

    Sugar, you really didn't screw up.

    Had the router been fixed before I got home, I would've never noticed and gotten upset.

    I was mostly upset at the timing of everything. I was exhausted after being worn out by a rugrat and a baby, and had decided to leave them shortly after the rugrat woke up from her nap to come home to relax.

    So 1) I felt guilty I didn't stay longer with my friend to help her out more; 2) the reason I left my friend early was moot since I couldn't come home to relax and instead decided to help out by taking out my anger on tech support.

    I should've stayed longer with the kids and therefore never have known that you two were futzing around with the router.


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