Thursday, September 07, 2006


Hmm, there seems to be many different developments in the political world.

First off, the truly odious John Bolton has been removed for nomination as our ambassador to the U.N. Apparently, a Republican voiced concerns to Richard Lugar who pulled the nomination. So according to Republicans, ONE republican's concern is greater than dozens of democratic concerns.

Secondly, Bush pulled some prisoners out of the "shhhh we can't talk about it because it would jeopardize national security" secret prisons around the world and sent them to Guantanomo Bay. Apparently, the President talking about it now, won't jeopardize national security. Strange how that works.

On the heels of this development, Bush sent a bill to Congress that basically says that the DEFENDENTS (prisoners of these "shhh we can't talk about it because it would jeopardize national security" facilities - ahhh hell, let's just call them what they were, torture chambers) would be tried and they wouldn't be able to see the evidence AGAINST them.

Did you read that? They want to try these people without letting them see what evidence there is against them. Why? Because so-called evidence is vital to "national security".

The reason for this? So they can have on record that Democrats OPPOSE trying these prisoners.

How's that sleaze coming along? Feel good about our government yet? How would you like to be up for a trial, and not be able to see what evidence is provided to prove your guilt. "psst judge, here's the murder weapon, but don't say out loud what it is, because that's a matter of national security."

However, good news. Apparently, three republican senators have decided that it isn't in the American interest to hold kangaroo courts. That may be enough to kill the bill in the Senate.

Lastly, the fight over ABC's decision to air the Path to 9/11 (sans commercials) is starting to really heat up. I hope Madeline Albright, Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger and others are all getting brushed up on their slander/libel laws. Methinks ABC and Scholastic is going to be hit with some MAJOR lawsuits if this mockumentary gets aired. For references to this on-going skirmish, check any of these sites: Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, Firedoglake and Think Progress.



2 Responses to "Developments"
  1. sugarmeesweettt said...
    8:24 AM

    How do I feel about our leader? MMmmmm.. well lets see the latest is they have proved that he was wrong on many things. I would like to know who presented these issues to him? Was it the Oil companies pushing him ? keep this in mind we make decisions based on information provided to us at the time. Action is taken .. I wonder how the " decider " is supposed to make a decision based on information that was clearly investigated or presented to him falsely. .. do we impeach him ? Do we stop and say " we have had enough with your administration and fire them all" I still think cause we continually go in and keep the peace for countries that cant defend themselves. Why cant we just claim them as part of the USA and then just may be these alequeda people will leave them alone and now we can say " Live free but dont smoke in public" Our country could benefit from thier taxes they pay us.. We americans claim to be free we claim to have weapons of mass destruction we have power to destroy and other countries fear us. So why not just Take control completely .. Has anyone thought about presenting this to the united nations .. hey look were spending our money were killing our men by being there protecting them .. Give us a break let us claim them as part of the USA we will let them continue to beleive and live thier way .. yet if thier under our Flag of protection just maybe they wont be needing our keep the peace efforts anymore.

  2. resigned idealist said...
    12:41 PM

    Sugar, the information given to him WASN'T wrong. He and his Administration chose which information to use, and they chose to present that information to the American Public.

    All over the world (and trust me, I was in China when the Bush Administration was trying to get people to ignore what progress the U.N. was making) people were shaking their heads because there WAS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN SADDAM HUSSEIN AND AL QAEDA. NONE!

    People were stopping me to ask what the hell the U.S. was doing.

    Impeaching Bush wouldn't do any good. He's not the real "decider" anyway, it's Cheney and frankly NO ONE wants President Cheney. Not even Cheney himself.

    And just who is America protecting with its troops? From what I can tell, the troops might not be able to protect America any more.


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