Monday, September 11, 2006

Sometimes I Hate it When I'm Right

Dang it!

I told a co-worker today that the Raiders needed three things to win against the Chargers.

1) The O-Line must hold up. It just got demolished the last two plays.
2) The Defense must hold against the run. But LaDainian Tomlinson is shredding them.
and lastly,
3) Limit the penalties.

Hooray for the Raiders in limiting the penalties so far.

However, in order to win, the Offensive line must hold up AND we must have some sort of defense against the run.

Argh. As you can tell from my frustration, the Raiders are losing so far. But in football, the momentum can shift with the Autumn Wind.

Update: AAAAAAARGGGGGGHHHHHHH! What did I say about penalties? During a PUNT RETURN, a Raider ran into the Charger punter and GAVE THEM BACK THE BALL.

Foot, meet gun.



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