Thursday, September 14, 2006

Growing Spines


Now that the Democrats in Congress are starting to realize people-powered politics aren't going away and that even a 16-year veteran like Joe Lieberman's political life might be in jeopardy, we are seeing the opposition party start acting like an opposition party.

Mary Landrieu, Democrat Senator of Louisiana isn't one of my favorite politians; but then, most politicians who are offsprings of politicians usually aren't for me. But she got up after some Republican posturing about how weak Dems are on terrorism, and she said the following:
"In light of the rantings that went on for 30 minutes by two colleagues from the other side, I'd like to state for the record that America is not tired of fighting terrorism; America is tired of the wrongheaded and boneheaded leadership of the Republican party that has sent six and a half billion a month to Iraq while the front line was Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. That led this country to attack Saddam Hussein, when we were attacked by Osama bin Laden. Who captured a man who did not attack the country and let loose a man that did. Americans are tired of boneheaded Republican leadership that alienates our allies when we need them the most. Americans are most certainly tired of leadership that despite documenting mistake after mistake after mistake, even of their own party admitting mistakes, never admit they do anything wrong. That's the kind of leadership Americans are tired of."

To see her deliver this speech, go to this link.

More speeches like this please. And action behind the speeches please. Thank you.



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