Friday, September 01, 2006


I needed that last night. I needed the Raiders to screw up so badly, that my hopes wouldn't be this growing conflagration that threatened to obliterate my intelligence. I needed a huge dose of reality.

The Raiders I saw last night, were not as sloppy as they could've been, but 3 penalties in the first quarter (plus to be honest, the first two Seattle plays WERE defensive inteference, but the Raiders got away with it) showed a direct descent from the previous two games.

Granted, the first string players on the offense only played one very very short drive which lasted a whopping 3 plays? Therefore, to have hope be so dampened may be a dumb move on my part. But I'd rather have a steadily growing flame, than to have a flame-out and not be excited about the season at all.

It was good to see the kid, Andrew Walters get a nice workout, but dang, that slam he took in the 2nd quarter jarred even me! No wonder he got rid of the ball so quickly a few times after. I just hope that kid isn't gun-shy now.

September 11th, is opening day against the Chargers. I am now facing the game with trepidation, instead of excitement. Sometimes, football affects my reason and my moods far too greatly, I fear.



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