Monday, September 11, 2006

How Walmart Plans to Sell to the Bay Area

Just saw a Walmart ad while watching Raider football.

How interesting.

The ad was about a couple looking for a large flat screen TV. The setting was an austere shop that apparently caters to the elitist. The salesman was a gay boy who basically was made to look like one of those interior decorators on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

The basic message of the ad? 1)Those elitist shops with the monochrome color scheme (think Apple) and their gay boy employees are just there to make you feel inferior if you don't buy the stuff and 2) Walmart knows you're a regular guy who wants nothing to do with elitism nor fags. Besides, Walmart won't rip you off like these snobs.

The first Walmart ads here in the Bay Area tried to fight their tarnished image. They had a woman manager who talked about the benefits of working for Walmart. The suspension of disbelief was too great to overcome; there was no way Walmart could get staunch liberals to embrace the company.

This ad took a much different take. It's like the Republican campaign. By saying we know you're just one of us who doesn't really get the expense nor the snobbery, you should shop here.

It might just be sneaky enough to convince some that shopping at Walmart isn't contributing to the delinquency of a corporation.



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