Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gas Prices Trickling Down?

Here's something very interesting that Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post pointed out in Fred Barne's article in The Weekly Standard.

Buried towards the end of the article is this little nugget.
In the midterm election on November 7, Bush predicted Democrats won't win either the House or the Senate. "I believe these elections will come down to two things: one, firm belief that in order to win the war on terror there must be a comprehensive strategy that
recognizes this war is being fought on more than one front, and, two, the economy." Bush said the price of gasoline, which has been falling rapidly, is one of the "interesting indicators" that the press should watch carefully. "Just giving you a heads up," he added.

My question to the American Public is, when will we oust these assholes running our government who think that fucking around with our lives (cost of gas, unemployment, healthcare) most of the time is okay but the second they want something from us (like votes), they'll ease our lives some.

Are we that easily bought? Why don't we just put people in charge who actually give a shit about the little people? Or at least more of a shit than these assholes in charge?



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