Thursday, September 07, 2006

Handle with Care

Well, the Cholotto family seems to have survived that little dustup intact.

Last night, as Bratworse was falling asleep in my arms as I watched MythBusters (usually at 11:00 it's the Daily Show but last night would've been the third time I watched William Cohen try NOT to blink twice in response to Jon Stewart - you should watch that particular episode. It's extremely funny the first time, very funny the 2nd time, and well, I changed the channel, didn't I?), my mind's eye kept seeing the image of the postal label, "Handle with Care."

I shook my head at the image of the label "Fragile," because Bratworse isn't and I would never end up with someone fragile. Gosh, fragile brings to mind one of my neighbors and shit howdy, that's a MAJOR ugh.

But "Handle with Care"... shouldn't any partner be handled with care?

A few weeks ago, I told Bratworse this story about my college good friend, who took all of her bad moods out on me. When I couldn't tolerate it anymore, I asked, why do you do that? She said because she could, cause I wouldn't abandon her. I stopped being her close friend soon after, because why would I want to be in a friendship like that?

Apparently, my college friend wasn't the only one who subscribes to this theory. My family is too. (hmm all Chinese, could that be an indicator?). You should see my mother take her anger out on my sister and I, just cause she can and we won't abandon her. And to be honest, I was practicing it too.

What I need to remember is that Bratworse is the one I chose to be with, the one I'm choosing to live with for the rest of my life. Therefore, of ALL people in the world, it really should be HER that I handle with the utmost care, not anyone else.



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