Tuesday, May 01, 2007

10 Years of No Convictions Isn't Enough?

Assemblyman Pedro Nava of Santa Barbara? SHUT THE FUCK UP.

You DON'T know that the freeway collapse was due to the trucker's actions. Gee, it could be his brakes failed.

Yes, this man had conviction after conviction but can you see that he's been clean for 10 years? TEN FRIGGIN' YEARS!

To me, 10 years of staying clean is MUCH more representative of a man than one accident. I hope you're a Christian, Nava, and I hope that God will judge YOU as harshly as you are judging this man.

Goddamn politicians, grandstanding and vowing to change laws that don't need to be changed. You all make me so sick sometime. Why don't you do something useful for California instead of stupid publicity moves? Asshole.



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