Friday, May 11, 2007

Warning Amount to Empty Words


So, you know those 11 moderate republicans I was laughing at yesterday? The ones who think telling the President (btw, while Cheney was out of the country... hmm think these 11 found their balls then?) that the Iraq War is harming the future of the GOP?

Yeah, the delusionists.

Well, guess how many of them voted to tie Iraq's budget to progress - that is, if there's progress made in Iraq, then funds would be approved, but if no progress, no budget. Seems like a rather fair proposition right? And you'd think that since these people who warned Bush that they cannot support him for much longer, would vote for something like this just to prove there's actions behind those warnings, right?

Go on, guess how many of them stood up to the President in action, not just words.

Now, HOW in the world did you guess that NONE, ZILCH, ZERO voted to tie funds to progress in Iraq.

Republicans - Their squeaky barks aren't worse than their bite. And the president/Cheney/Rove knows it. Vote for Democrats - Nancy Pelosi's got more balls than these 11 put together.



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