Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coming Together

Well, the progress on our house is coming together nicely. I'm picturing some time next week being able to enjoy our living room again. Of course, this is dependent on whether we ge† flooded again. Can you believe that during this past year, nary a word from Shirker? Can you imagine the type of lessons this type of parent might teach? No wonder people like our president abound.

Well, over the next month, we should have our double-paned windows as well. My new iMac is in a box waiting to be opened and after the dust has settled, we'll be getting our new kitty too.

I'm just a tad impatient right now. There's so much work ahead still but at least starting next week, we won't be cooped up in one room anymore.

AND it's the three-year old's birthday this weekend. We'll be partying with a bunch of rug-rats and screaming 2-3 year olds. Should be most excellent!

Life just can't be better.



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