Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why There's Scorn Towards Comic Books

Once again, the comic book industry answers the question, "Why is there scorn towards comic books?"

The girl is MJ Watson. This is a figurine from the movie Spider-Man 3. This is supposed to be Spider-Man's wife. Yes, those are thongs peeking out from under her pants above her child-bearing hips. Yes, she's barefoot. Yes, those boobs are nearly popping out of her shirt. Yes, she's washing Spider-Man's costume by hand! No, surprisingly, she isn't pregnant (but those child-bearing hips sure give that inference, don't they?)

Straight men used to be astounded that I wouldn't be appreciated of such "art" work. After all, wasn't I gay? But I wonder what in "gay" or "lesbian" implies that I would like cheap, tawdry, exhibitionist shows like this.

I'm sorry MJ Watson. Your character deserved much better than this.



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