Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Precipice of New Beginnings

Remember waiting for Christmas morning? Remember wanting to run everywhere, then realizing no matter how fast you run, Christmas morning wasn't going to come any faster?

Life has been like that for us for the past three weeks, ever since they started fixing our place.

In two weeks, everything we've put on hold for the past year will come to fruition.

We will be able to use our living room again. How cool is that?

We will be able to start our new aquarium and figure out how to get our dead rock alive again. We will be able to raise octopus again.

We will have the space to walk away from each other in a fight.

We can stretch out and not stumble over each other or the cat.

We will be able to bring a new kitten into the house.

We will be able to work upright at a desk instead of being in bed all the dang time.

We will have the sunlight of the living room with all the beauty of the neighborhood gracing our vision.

But until then, we still live in one bedroom. Our stuff scattered in boxes, piled into two rooms. I'm so excited... this is the precipice of new beginnings for us.



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