Thursday, May 31, 2007

Raiders Fan, Not a Football Fan

"You're only a Raiders fan, not a football fan like me," declared Bratworse to me at the end of last season. I tilted my head for a further explanation. "You only care about the Raiders and you don't care to watch football unless it's Raiders related."

I wanted to disagree with Bratworse. I wanted to declare myself a true fan of football but you know, she's right. I figured this out a few weekends ago when I flew down to Long Beach for DanceTeach's graduation. On the flight back via JetBlue, two PBA (Professional Bowling Association) tournaments were on ESPN and ESPN Classic. The first one was Professional Women's and the second one was a tourney from 2005 which featured a showdown between Pete Webber and Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Throughout the flight I was fascinated and cheering in my seat for every strike, groaning for every missed opportunity and just loving the experience. When I got off the plane, I said to Bratworse, "I'm a bowling fan - I like to watch ALL bowlers. And you're right, I'm just a Raiders fan, not a Football fan."

Being a Raiders fan, last season was particularly hard. But with a new coach, the number one draft pick JaMarcus Russell, with Moss gone, it's hard not to feel hope rekindling again. It's only about 6-7 more weeks until pre-season and honestly, I can't wait.



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