Friday, May 25, 2007

Praise for M.B. Jessee

Bratworse had done a wonderful sponge paint job in the living room and of the walls affected by the flood of last year, one of them had the faux decorative wall paint on it. So we hired M.B. Jessee to paint this wall to match the other walls.

Well, because the job has taken so long, and the house is in complete disarray, the paint that was used as the base for that wall, was completely wrong. It was waaaay too pinkish (we have a blue/purple motif throughout the living room).

Brian Sweet (sp?) is M.B. Jessee's faux painter and oh man, did he do wonders!

He had called up saying umm, did you know that the base paint is waaaay off and we told him yes, we knew it, but please just do the best in matching the wall with the rest of the unit.

Expecting the worst, we came back to the house yesterday to inspect it and lo and behold, we were blown away. The result is only slighty more pinkish than the original. We are ECSTATIC!

So, if you are in the Oakland/Alameda/Bay Area and need a good decorative painter for your house/office/etc.? Hire Brian Sweet of M.B. Jessee! Outstanding work!



2 Responses to "Praise for M.B. Jessee"
  1. Anonymous said...
    9:28 PM

    whoooo hooo does this mean i get the old ibook ? ... you know i gave you the best gift ever bratworse.. smile yea yea yea always asking for stuff .. your coming to visit me this weekend .. so excited.. sugarmeesweettt i am

  2. resigned idealist said...
    3:45 PM

    I thought you were a pc person, sugarsmeesweettt. And isn't getting a new bed from us a fair exchange for Bratworse? Shhhh don't tell her I compared her to a bed.


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