Monday, May 07, 2007

Service Completed!

Both Bratworse and I were called for jury duty today, but in separate courthouses. I just found out that no juries were called for today and my service is now completed for the next year.

Bratworse is hanging out at her courthouse, presumably to let them know how intensive her school is. (Was that splitting an infinitive? Thanks to The Mother Tongue I no longer care if I split one or not. Thanks Bill Bryson!)

Strange, whenever I talk of being selected for jury duty, everyone's first reaction is to coach me on how not to get selected. But I view jury duty as my civic duty; if it weren't for the financial hardship, I'd gladly serve on one. (It helps that I'm sorta narcissistic LOL)

One day, I hope to serve on a jury and be as fair as I possibly can under the law.



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