Monday, May 14, 2007

Outwaiting Desires

This past three weeks as our condo was being fixed, Bratworse and I have had to share a small studio suite in a hotel with our stir-crazied cat. We brought the Wii but stupidly only brought one game. Somehow we ended up with all three laptops there (we originally only brought one) but mostly shared the Macbook Pro.

For a geeked out family, this was akin to pure hell. *GASP* Only one decent screen to share betwixt us?

After three weeks of sharing the Macbook Pro, I started checking out iMac and Mac Pro towers.

I think I've decided on the 24" iMac. Now to outwait this desire so I won't really have to spend the money. Any odds that I will actually succeed in thwarting my wishes?



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