Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Suggestions of Plotlines for Women Super-Heroes

I occasionally go over to read some blogs about comics like "The Roar of Comics" or "Written World". Today, I found out Marvel is putting this cover on the sales rack.Way to go Marvel. [NOT!]

Since some (most) comic book writers seem to be at a loss to provide good plot lines for the women in comics, here are some suggestions as to what not to do.

1) No rape. C'mon writers, you call yourselves writers? If you are writing too many books a month and have to resort to this as a plot device, then you need to give up one of your monthly books. No matter how well you might be able to do it, it's been done - over and over and over again.

2) No rape survivors. Again, stop being lazy. If you want your heroine to survive something, survive a heinous mother situation. That's at least a tad more realistic.

Covers like this one above, makes me REALLY glad I'm out of the business. With that and MJ Watson below, Marvel Comics shows how their audience is made up of prepubescent angry men who can't get dates. Grow up already.



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