Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Alternating Moods

Woke up today in a good mood. Maybe it's because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and within a few weeks, we will be able to use our living room again after a year.

Maybe it's because Bratworse and I are actually talking about what we want in a wedding and it's seemingly more of a reality than before.

Whatever is causing my upbeat mood, it's a good thing because Bratworse woke up RAWR'ing. Unable to find her shoes this morning, she finally found them under a recliner. As she slips them on, she growls "Gee thanks for moving the chair on top of my shoes and not bothering to move them." I didn't bother pointing out that if lights were on (she hates them on, I love them on) I'd have SEEN the shoes to be able to move them but since I moved the chair in the dark, there's be no way to spot them.

See how this works? Me good mood, her bad mood. Me bad mood, her good mood. If both of us happen to be in a bad mood, we let the person who hasn't been in a bad mood recently get the dibs. The other has to try to be in a good mood.

It usually ends us with both of us giggling at the other. It's a good relationship.



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