Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where's the Live Q&A for Dan Froomkin?

Aware that it's Thursday, I wondered whether I missed a live Q & A with Dan Froomkin, auther of my favorite column in the Washington Post. So I check the transcripts and lo and behold, Dan Froomkin hasn't had a Live Talk since March 28th.


Washington Post, give this man his Live Q&A's back. He's the best thing you have.


So I dropped Dan Froomkin a line asking if his Live Q & A's are still around since I couldn't find them on the archive page and [JUMPS AROUND LIKE A FAN GIRL] OMG! He wrote back!
Hi and thanks for pointing that out. There was a glitch on the archive page. It's been fixed now. My chats continue apace!

I've a feeling if this wasn't a virtual mail, I'd be grasping the letter with both hands and bouncing up and down, re-reading and re-reading his words. Gawrsh, I feel like *such* a fan girl.



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