Thursday, May 10, 2007

As If He Cares

So, I go to and what headlines greet my eyes?
President is Warned the Iraq War is Harming GOP


Pray tell, oh moderate Republicans, please, pray tell WHAT in the President's history has prompted you to even think that this idiot boy-king cares about anyone else or anything else but himself and his own desires/wants?

You guys decided this asshole would make a great head-of-state. You guys cheated and bought your way into the presidency. This man-child has NO regard for anyone, so why would you think your candid remarks at this particular juncture would have any effect? Asking him to care about 2008 elections would be akin to asking a two-year-old to care about letting you sleep enough to have a fruitful work day. Fat Chance.

Bush is your Frankenstein's monster. Deal with the consequences. This monster's isn't going to care any more than the original Shelley monster was capable of feeling.



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