Monday, May 14, 2007


I normally make copies of incoming checks for my boss. Well, today, we got cash instead of a check and so off I tottle to the copier. I put the $20 and the $5 next to each other on top of the invoice and push start. Three seconds later (our copier is very fast) a black sheet comes out.

Hmm, I think. This shouldn't be the case. So I readjust the bills and the invoice and hit the start button again. Again, a black sheet spits out.

I call a co-worker over and together, we experiment.

Apparently, this copier thinks its okay to print out a copy of the $20. It has no problem with a copy of the $5 either. Furthermore, if the $20 and the $5 ARE NOT next to each other (like having a space of an inch between them), the copier spits out copies of those just fine too. However, place the two bills together and something in the copier tells it to spit out a black page.

Fascinating, no? Hmm, don't answer that.



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