Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Better Than a Stack of Bills

Sometimes, sweet shit happens.

Over on DailyKos, a guy named ColdFusion04 has been after the community to help out in a contest. This contest, run by a Clearchannel (conservative) talk radio station in Milwaukee, featured 17 Conservative contestants, 2 moderates and 1 Liberal. The basic premise of the competition was to have a popularity contest through calls and votes on the web; whoever won, would get a 2-year job as morning host at 50k a year.

ColdFusion04 studied the contest rules carefully and figured out a plan to knock off competitors in each round, moving the liberal, Nicole Devin up. Sure enough, Nicole Devin won!

So, congratulations, Nicole. Have a great two years and be a voice of reason amidst a sea of half-truths and contortions.

As for you conservatives who say that there's a conspiracy, umm, hello? How can there be a conspiracy when the method to win is published and can be viewed by anyone? It's like [bear with me, football season is starting] Bill Callahan saying to the press, "We're giving the ball to Sapp and he'll throw it to Moss," then having the opposing team be incredulous that the ball was actually given to Sapp and he threw it to Moss. Yes, it *must* be a conspiracy.



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