Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I have been wanting to post this for a very long time.

There are a couple of bloggers who refer to these two as Jenna and Not-Jenna. Stop it.

These two are Jenna and Barbara. Say what you will about Jenna, but I do believe that Barbara spent the summer in Africa, helping in an AIDS hospital. IF this is true, then CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN IF DESERVED. Stop with the snark with Barbara. She doesn't deserve this.

However, Jenna seems to ask for trouble. Her escapades, sticking out her tongue at the press, even her drunkenness seem to emulate our Idiot-in-Chief. Hey, if you flaunt it, it's open territory.

Look people. Say what you want about Americans, or our ruling class. However, I TRULY believe the admiration we Americans have for fair play. Yes, there's a large contigent of ugly Americans who would stomp all over you even if you were lying wounded, just because you two were in competition. But I believe there's an even larger contingent who doesn't like seeing people picked on, if it's uncalled for.

Barbara is trying to see how the majority lives. Let's just give her credit for that and leave her alone, okay? Can you imagine George or Jenna in Africa among the sick and dying?

Besides, I can just imagine what life could've been like for her, in her twin's shadow. The indignation of being called Not-Jenna as well as my attempts to be a real person ignored, could just push me into being an over-bearing arrogant asshole like her relatives. (BTW, Barbara is already known as GWB's daughter, Jenna's twin, and at some point in her life, someone's wife. Let her stand by herself for now.)



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