Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy 9th Day of Vacation, George!

Did you have a good night? Cindy Sheehan has a slight fever and a sore throat... but then you're probably thinking it's her own fault, huh? Since she spent all night in a thunderstorm. But see, any GENEROUS person would be like, oh that poor woman's still out there? Let some of my servants go out there with soup... oh but that'll be encouraging her, wouldn't it? We can't have that.. why showing mercy or tenderness is - y'know - feminine. And you're way too macho to be decent huh?

So I hear through the grapevine (well, Donald Rumsfeld) that the Pentagon and the administration is about to throw a big ol' party... one wild country western shindig, complete with a hike and everything... all to commemorate 9/11. I see you even invited Mr. Clint Black to be the entertainment. Me personally, I prefer his wife, Lisa Hartman Black.

But I do have a question for you. What does this hike and having a good ol' country western hoedown have to do with supporting our freedoms, or troops or commemorating 9/11?

First off, 9/11 happened to New York City. And as any New Yorker could tell you, most wouldn't be caught dead listening to country music. If you had asked Billy Joel, or Phillip Glass, or any Broadway star (hell, even Bernadette Peters would've been a better choice), you might've been able to connect it better to 9/11. But as it is, anyone who've been to New York and seen the faces they make at C/W music, would be able to see this celebration of freedoms for the farce it is.

Secondly, in previous DECLARED wars, the way Americans supported the war effort was by personal sacrifices. So far, the only sacrificing have been done has been by the military and not the ones higher up, but the ones on the ground. Oh yeah, and their families, which brings us back to CINDY SHEEHAN.

Thirdly, could you kindly explain about the correlation of "freedom" and the Patriot Act? Basically, from my reading of the Act, the government is curbing a lot of our freedoms.

Other than that, I think your idea of a country hoedown for the whole country is a fantabulous idea. After all, who cares if 5 American soldiers just died yesterday as long as we can get a BBQ and good ol' country western singing, right?

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